Thursday, February 19, 2015


Yo. Lots of stuff I need to fill ya in on.
First thing..the split tape with RIDE OR DIE is out now. Pick it up here.
Hopefully we can do a little weekend tour this summer.

The cassette colab with Vile//Lent is wrapping up!
I put the songs up on the bandcamp. Basically just need to dub tapes and we'll release it.
It will have a button, sticker, 1 page zine with interview and lyrics, and tape in a hand sewn baggie.
I'll post it once its done.

Also in the works is a double cassette release of the first 2 years of Ba'ad Trip.
This will come packaged in a double cassette album with 2 colored tapes and a zine with lyrics, photos, explanations of songs and I'll write about where I was at mentally and how I recorded everything on each album.
Hoping to get some label support for this.

Another awesome thing in the works is a 7" which EAT THE LIFE will be helping to release.
This 7" will be songs that I play live and I will record these with my live band.
This will be the first release to feature other people instead of just me.
Eat the Life is one of the best labels run by the coolest fools.
Hopefully I can throw more info out soon.

That's all for now.
Heres to 2015.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Stay Punk. Stay Weird. No Cops. No Bros.

A lot has been happening on planet Ba'ad Trip. Tapes, Shows, collaborations, interviews. 
First off...I have a split tape coming out with my homies RIDE OR DIE from Youngstown, Ohio. Easily one of my favorite bands with some of my favorite people. They be keeping the queer punk dream alive!! We each did 5 of our own songs and did a cover of a song of each others.
I ended up joining in to play bass at a show with them after this split and loved it! I'm hoping they want me to play with them more often. <3
Look out for this tape!!

Another tape I'm getting super stoked on is one that is a collaboration with a skate team/clothing line named Vile//Lent. My dude Josiah got at me about doing a sticker design collab with a tape just for him to hustle. I was so down because skateboarding is such an important thing to me and I'm really into his positive mindset, something I lack completely. He's got some cool new things going on.
The plan at the moment is to do a tape with a few tracks, the sticker, a button an interview and probably some other things in a handmade baggie you can keep yer weeds in afterward.
Keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly, I'm sooooo stoked on this...
We're featured in the New Blood section of Maximum Rocknroll's website!
Pretty cool thing they've got going on where you fill out interview questions and they throw it up on there.
Go peep it here.

Lots going on in my brain.
Catch up with whats released on the bandcamp page and download it all.
Still livin for the party. Still dyin for the party.
p.s. There's still some shirts in our webstore along with some tapes. Please buy them so I don't have to have them anymore. The shirts were dyed and screened by me in my little apartment.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I never post on this blog mainly because I'm lazy.
A lot of stuff has been happening with Ba'ad Trip.

 We did the tape. It has 14 Tracks. Includes the first 7 Tracks and Bleach Flower Tracks.
you can order it through the Rat Tail Horde webstore.

I also started writing for a full length record set to come out on 10" vinyl.
Dustin McChesney from Total Trash did the artwerk for it.

I'm still working out the songs for it, some re-recorded and some new.
I'm trying to find a label to help release it too.

Since I've moved to Pittsburgh I decided to make this a full band.
I got my closest friends to join in with me to play live.
We just played our first show on Monday with one of my favorite bands NANCY.
Plans on weekend tours are in the works.

Here's the video of our first show.

BA'AD TRIP is here to party.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


It's finished.
You can listen to and download the new tracks at bandcamp.
7 songs and 1 intro.
You can buy a copy of the tape at
Artwork by Kenny "the worm" Vanwormer